History has shown Australians rise up and rally during times of crisis – from combatting a global pandemic to fighting fires and floods.

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Build an ecosystem of 20,000 skilled workers able to solve the Australian Government’s future tech challenges.


Build a skills mapped workforce to provide the Australian Government with the ability to innovate and solve problems, respond to changing national requirements and maintain a technological edge.


To engage Australians interested in serving their community through undertaking free training and engaging in flexible work for the Australian Government.

What is the National Resilience Project?

The National Resilience Project was borne from necessity. A series of droughts, cyclones, bushfires, floods and the COVID-19 pandemic in Australia highlighted the need to revolutionise how we can harness the digital skills of our community.

When WithYouWithMe (WYWM), a social impact tech company began to address the global digital skills shortage they soon realised the shortage applied more critically to digital volunteers. A new and increasingly crucial category of volunteerism.

WYWM’s core business is their revolutonary testing and training software, designed to identify tech talent and provide digital and cyber qualifications through online learning.

After discovering the gap in the digital volunteerism sector they launched their own initiative, The National Resilience Project. WYWM’s cyber testing and training software will enable thousands of digital volunteers to upskill through digital and cyber learning to best prepare for times of National need.
Our digital community
is the only employment and skills marketplace that connects digital volunteers with both paid and unpaid opportunities.

Digital volunteerism

In the context of preparation, response and recovery from crisis, disaster, and emergency situations it is crucial to understand the importance of volunteerism in the digital and cyber domain.

Communication platforms and services allow people to stay connected with each other, their organisations and to access and transmit critical information.

6 Digital Pipelines to grow your organisations

Data Analytics

Data Analytics is about solving problems with Data. The spread of the COVID 19 virus through geographical areas is just one example of data analysis driving decisions during an emergency.


Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is the automation of manual business processes using software. RPA codes administrative processes, freeing up essential workers during a crisis.

Cyber Security

Cyber security protects networks, devices and data from attack and is the key economic and security challenge of the 21st century. Leverage the digital skills necessary to protect critical areas of Australia from cyber-attack.


Software development spans coding fundamentals to creating a website. The recent rapid development of COVID 19 apps, websites and QR codes was made possible by an army of software developers.


Sysadmins are responsible for the upkeep, configuration and operation of computers and networks. Keeping networks functional is a key task to ensure national resilience across a range of Australian government departments.


Data Analytics is about solving problems with Data. The spread of the COVID 19 virus through geographical areas is just one example of data analysis driving decisions during an emergency.

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