Learn how Northrop Grumman UK (NGUK) finds their tech talent through the WithYouWithMe process.

Northrop Grumman (NG) aims to solve the toughest problems in space, aeronautics, defence and cyberspace. The only way they can be at the top is by having the best talent available to them. Learn how NG finds their tech talent through the WithYouWithMe process.
Find untapped pools of talent
Northrop Grumman is adapting and evolving the methods its UK HR team uses to not only look at past experience as an indicator of suitability for a role, but also to identify the types of activities and behaviours of talent and future potential of candidates. NGUK’s HR team is working with WYWM to assess for potential in untapped talent pools, meaning that the company could provide people from diverse backgrounds – who may be new to a career in tech but have a natural ability to learn it quickly – with the chance to join their ranks.
Hiring based on potential, not experience.
The technology and digital skills divide is one that we are bridging as its key to our mission to secure the UK and our allies’ defence. Northrop Grumman recognises the value of diversity and works hard to ensure that all our people can bring their full selves to work and so make the most of their skills and experience to build exciting and rewarding careers in technology and innovation.

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