JobOppO x WithYouWithMe  Information Night

Are you looking for free digital skills training and meaningful work in a digital career?

WithYouWithMe and JobOppO will be hosting an information session focusing on how to discover what digital career you'd be suited to, how to enrol in free digital skills training, what job opportunities are available and how you can get started.

Representatives from companies looking to hire will also be attending the Information Night.

Join us on Monday, 16 January from 6 to 7 p.m. GMT for the Information Night.

WithYouWithMe partners with JobOppO

We are excited to announce our partnership with JobOppO, to train, up-skill and hire Armed Forces veterans and their families into a variety of tech roles.

To date, WithYouWithMe has successfully matched more than 40,000 individuals to new careers, with more than 10,000 up-skilling for new technology roles.

To learn more, ensure you submit the form above to attend the upcoming Information Night on Monday 16 January, 6pm GMT.

Your journey begins on Potential, 
our learning platform

Discover your strengths, then get matched with a career that embraces them.
  • Uncover your potential

    Head to our learning platform, Potential, and take our skills and aptitude testing. You’ll get insights on what types of career paths will best suit you and suggestions on courses to help get you there.
  • Develop your digital skills

    Take our free courses to train or upskill at your own pace, in your own place. Our online learning platform offers more than 2,000 hours of digital content that you can access anywhere, anytime.
  • Get support throughout

    From course assistance to interview prep, we're here to help you succeed. Need some help? Reach our to our customer success team, or jump into our Discord and Twitch communities to meet other Potential pals.
Get scientifically based insights on your best career matches
We use a mix of psychometric and aptitude testing to give you valuable insights on how you work best, what you need to succeed in the workplace, and which careers and roles you’ll excel in.
Choose your training to start or upskill your tech career
We frequently add new training, including courses and boot camps, to meet demand from employers on what skill sets they’re looking to hire.
We help all jobseekers get into tech careers for free
Our skills and aptitude testing is always completely free. No fees, no credit cards, no gimmicks.
I was given financial security, peace of mind for myself, and a closer bond with my friends and family due to a work-life balance.

Sammy Rice

First role in a technology career
You gain new skills and qualifications in areas you never thought possible and you become extremely employable shortly there after.

Timothy Wedesweiler

First career in tech

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Frequently Asked Questions
Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Reach out to our customer success team.
Can I get a job with no experience?
Yes! We use our aptitude and personality testing to discover your potential and find you the perfect career match to train you in, for free!
How long does the training take?
The Training is completely self paced, but each course takes between 80-120 hours and on average 6-12 weeks, depending on the individual.
Is this free?
Yes! our training and testing platforms will never cost you, the user, a cent.
How do I know I've picked the right career?
We use a mix of psychometric and aptitude testing to give you valuable insights on how you work best, what you need to succeed in the workplace, and which careers and roles you’ll excel in. Ensuring you make an educated choice for your tech career.

Come along to the Information Night and kickstart your career into tech