Free tech training for indigenous communities 

There is a digital skills shortage, and we want you to be a key player in changing this narrative.

Have you considered a career in IT? Through our Indigenous Program, we can provide you with direct support to help you start a career in IT. 

Visit our Potential platform and sign up today. We have psychometric and aptitude tests designed to identify your abilities and the career path that is best for you. We also offer free training to help you increase your skills and knowledge.

Who are we?

WithYouWithMe is a veteran-founded social impact company. Our founders struggled to find meaningful employment after transitioning from the military to civilian life. They realised that this is an all too common experience among the veteran community. Changes had to be made to recognise veteran skills and talents.

To prioritise candidate potential over experience, our team worked to develop our flagship software platform Potential, which offers users access to aptitude and psychometric testing, skills training materials, and unrivalled access to entry-level job opportunities. All for free. 

After shifting the focus to skills based recruiting, the WithYouWithMe team discovered a limitation in the recruiting system. Globally, millions of underemployed individuals are being passed over for vacant roles by organisations. As a result, these individuals are working in careers below their skill level and with limited growth opportunities. These people need to be given the chance to demonstrate their capabilities in the workplace. 

We recognise that underemployment has had an impact on Indigenous communities in Australia. In the interest of making a difference, we want to give you free access to the Potential platform's skills mapping, technology training, and job boards.
We believe in your potential 
We know that your potential, not your experience, is what makes you truly valuable. Our skills mapping and free tech training can help you reach your full potential.
Be part of a revolution
WithYouWithMe is on a mission to address the digital skills gap while also fostering a more equitable world for all. We're reinventing the recruiting process by hiring for future potential rather than past experience. This is your opportunity to be a part of it and make an impact.
Committed to diversity 
We believe that everyone should be given the opportunity to demonstrate their skills and talents. By providing free testing, training, and hiring to underrepresented groups, we are reducing bias in the hiring process. 

Your journey begins on our learning platform: Potential

Discover your strengths and match them to a career.
  • Uncover Your Potential

    Head to our learning platform, Potential, and take our skills and aptitude testing. You’ll get insights on what types of career paths will best suit you and suggestions on courses to help get you there.
  • Develop your digital skills

    Take our free courses to train or upskill at your own pace, in your own place. Our online learning platform offers more than 2,000 hours of digital content that you can access anywhere, anytime.
  • Search and apply for jobs

    Skip the cover letters and resumes. When you’re ready to search for a new role, browse Potential to see what’s available, and apply right on the platform.
  • Get Support Throughout

    From course assistance to interview prep, we're here to help you succeed. Need some help? Reach our to our customer success team, or jump into our Discord and Twitch communities to meet other Potential pals.

We're changing the hiring process by focusing on potential, not experience.

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Get scientifically based insights on your best career matches
We use a mix of psychometric and aptitude testing to give you valuable insights on how you work best, what you need to succeed in the workplace, and which careers and roles you’ll excel in.
Choose your training to start or upskill your tech career
We frequently add new training, including courses and boot camps, to meet demand from employers on what skill sets they’re looking to hire.
We help all jobseekers get into tech careers for free
Our skills and aptitude testing is always completely free. No fees, no credit cards, no gimmicks.
I was given financial security, peace of mind for myself, and a closer bond with my friends and family due to a work-lifebalance.

Samuel Rice

Ground Based Air Defence to Accenture Integration Squad Member
You gain new skills and qualifications in areas you never thought possible and you become extremely employable shortly there after

Timothy Wedesweiler

Aus and CAF Special Forces to Project Officer 

Are you on discord?
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Jump into our community Discord server and chat with hundreds of others from the Australian Indigenous community that have been through our courses and kickstarted their career into tech. 

Introduce yourself, get support for your courses, win giveaways, play games, and be part of a community that cares.
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Frequently Asked Questions
Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Reach out to our customer success team.
Can I get a job with no experience?
Yes! We use our aptitude and personality testing to discover your potential and find you the perfect career match to train you in, for free!
How long does the training take?
The Training is completely self paced, but each course takes between 80-120 hours and on average 6-12 weeks, depending on the individual
Is this free?
Yes! our training and testing platforms will never cost you, the user, a cent
How do I know I've picked the right career?
We use a mix of psychometric and aptitude testing to give you valuable insights on how you work best, what you need to succeed in the workplace, and which careers and roles you’ll excel in. Ensuring you make an educated choice for your tech career.

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