Discover Your Potential

Have you ever wondered about your hidden potential? Whether you might be suited to a more creative, digital or analytical job within financial services? We’re here to help you find out.

WithYouWithMe have designed an aptitude test which gives you valuable insights into how you work best, what you need to succeed in the workplace and which digital careers and roles you’ll excel in.

Discover your strengths and see what free training is available.

Uncover your potential
Head over to our platform, Potential, and take our skills and aptitude testing. You’ll get insights into what types of roles will best suit you and the way your mind works.
Develop your digital skills
Take our free courses to train and upskill at your own pace. Our online learning platform will suggest courses best suited to your aptitude to help you make informed career choices.
Get free support throughout
From course assistance to career advice, we’re here to help you succeed.
Discover your natural strengths
Our software assesses seven core aptitudes to understand where your strengths lie. The results will identify your recognition memory, abstract, spatial, language comprehension, verbal reasoning, digital symbol coding and numeric reasoning. This is then translated into potential career options that you would naturally excel at.
Better understand your personality traits and how you work.
The potential mapping uses the Big 5 personality and the DISC assessment's to help you understand your personality and how you work individually and as a team. Discover what kinds types of work you should be doing whether it be creative, translating or doing style tasks. You can also use this test to understand which teams you will fit into well and to avoid personality clashes. 

Discover your natural strengths

Frequently Asked Questions
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Why should I take the aptitude test?
If you’ve ever wondered about how your mind works or whether you are in the right job role you should take our aptitude test. Our software assesses seven core aptitudes to understand where your strengths lie and then translates this into potential career options that you would naturally excel at.
Why is WithYouWithMe potential mapping me for free?
We believe in workforce equality and equal opportunities for everyone. In an ever changing economic environment we want to equip people with the best skills and tools to excel in whatever they choose to do.
Will the potential mapping affect my employment?
No. We are reaching out to organisations like yours to show employers the huge potential of their workforce to improve internal mobility and offer upskilling to their employees.
Can I see my own results after?
Yes! you will be able to access your testing report from your dashboard on the potential platform. The data will be presented in an easy to understand way using visualisations.
What happens to my data?
Your data will be collected privately and held securely in our data centre. Your data won't be tied to your name only a unique identifier code that will only tell us about what company and job role you work in.

Discover your natural strengths

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