BAE Systems - Radar Technician Expressions of Interest

Are you a veteran looking for a meaningful career?

Your military experience has given you skills that BAE Systems values highly. Making you a great fit for many of their open positions.

No additional expertise is required. We believe in you and want to help you reach your full potential.

WithYouWithMe partners with BAE Systems

Together, WithYouWithMe and BAE systems will train, upskill, and hire unemployed and underrepresented Veterans for positions as radar technicians. 

BAE Systems operates in every major Australian city, making it the country's most widespread defence and security firm. They place a high value on military training and experiences and are committed to hiring and empowering members of the Australian Defence Force.

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Sustainability at the forefront
BAE Systems understands the importance of protecting the planet, which is why they are committed to developing and expanding a sustainable business model.

You can be a part of BAE Systems' effort to achieve net-zero emissions and promote sustainable growth.
Work for a company that truly values the past experience that Veterans have
BAE Systems recognises the immensely valuable skills and experiences that ex-defence personnel bring to an organisation. They are committed to employing and empowering members of the Australian Defence Force (ADF) 
Keep making a impact on the ADF
For many decades, BAE Systems has been a key provider of individual protective equipment, as well as ballistic protection and seats for land, maritime, and ground platforms.

As a Radar Technician, you help make a difference.

Finding ways to ensure the protection of our troops overseas and on their return home. BAE Systems has proven expertise in developing effective measures to safeguard the nation's armed forces.

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Timothy Wedesweiler

Aus and CAF Special forces to Project Officer
I was given financial security, peace of mind for myself, and a closer bond with my friends and family due to a work-life balance.

Samuel Rice

Ground Based Air Defence to Accenture Integration Squad Member

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